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Archive for November 2010

Paper Negative Portraits

November 17, 2010

These are the paper negative portraits have come up with so far. My final pick is the fist one of DeeDee because this was the first image that worked with her as my model after several tries with my pinhole, and they never developed properly. It is our victory shot : ) I also chose this […]

First Paper Negatives

November 9, 2010

Here are my first two paper negatives I developed in class. I’ll be making plenty more for certain, because it is soooo fun! It helps having a light meter 🙂

Animated Gif File

November 8, 2010

My hand : ) Must be clicked on to see the animation.

Pinhole Results

November 8, 2010

Here are my final pinhole images. My camera had a mishap, so more will possibly be along once I fix my camera.